Thursday, April 15, 2010

Road Trip!

Last weekend (yes, I'm just now getting around to blogging about this...but I have plenty of good excuses) we took a road trip to Greensboro.  Our first stop was a very brief (because it took us forever to get out of the house - more excuses) visit with my aunt and uncle.  Pierce was very excited to see them and scored a fireman hat.  We need to go back soon when we're not so rushed!  Then we headed downtown to meet up with friends Shonagh and Nate for lunch.  We went to Fincastle's.  Cort and Reid rocked the high chairs and snuck their first taste of sweet potato fries. 

Then we went to the Children's Museum.

The first thing Pierce and Nate saw when we walked in the doors?

And then down the halls:

This place was so cool.  Like a little village for kids. 
There was an airplane.  Once you climbed in, if you got sick of playing pilot and passenger, you just go out the other side via a twisty yellow tunnel slide.

Pierce got to play Nascar:

And he and Nate spent a good deal of time in the police car.
Bad boys, Bad boys, whatcha gonna do?

Moms chased down by the law:

There was a pizza parlor, a grocery store, a play house, a tv station (with a cooking show area), construction building w/ legos, a theatre, train tables and a mini train:

Pierce was putting the coal in while Nate navigated the track.  WOooooo Wooooooo.

We went to the dentist and the doctor.
Note how great Shonagh's hair looks.  Even though she got arrested.  I really want her hair. 

And found a very cool huge operation table:

And a creativity station for all sorts of art:

Even Cort and Reid had a fun place to play.  Except they fell asleep before we could put it to good use.

What a perfect day with relatives and friends.
And of course, we couldn't leave Greensboro without a stop at one of my favorite stores (that sadly, is not found in Roanoke):

If REI and Trader Joes would come to Roanoke, I suspect my life would be complete ;-)


Leanne said...

I have very similar photos of Emily there at the Children's Museum! It is great!

Shannon said...

Did I mention my jealousy? <3

VandyJ said...

What a cool museum for kids. One of the down side to a small town--no place that cool to tkae the kids. Looks like you had a great weekend!