Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You've Got Mail!

Dear Mom,

I really appreciated it when you made us homemade sweet potatoes.  Those were great.  And although initially I didn't care for the pureed bananas you made, I will say that they eventually grew on me.  And now they are one of my favorite things on earth.  Well, besides those Graduate Puffs.  Talk about baby crack.

The thing is, you have perfectly acceptable and tasteful foods around, even if you do refuse to share with us all those Reese cup Easter eggs you bought on clearance.  You thought we didn't notice you sneaking off to eat those every 5 seconds?  You were wrong.  We noticed.  Are there even any left?!?  My point is, with all this good food around, WHY OH WHY would you subject us to that jar of Beechnut vegetable turkey dinner? 

Please, Mom.  Please don't feed us that ever again.  EVER.
I'd rather eat stinkbugs.


P.S.  Can I please get a pacifier?  Cort has like 50.  It's not fair!  I know I suck my thumb and all, but a boy needs a nice pacifier on the side sometimes.


Sonya @ Under the Desert Sky said...

Hahaha! Oh my goodness, look at the face he's making! He really didn't like that stuff, did he?!

VandyJ said...

He'll probably make the same face when he samples stinkbugs this summer. I know I got that look from Bruiser more than once in the whole food trying thing.

Mary said...

Haha that is hilarious! That face is so funny. What a sweetie

Labay Family said...

Yeah Mom! Yuck! What were you thinking??? What a cute face though! ;)

Jeremi said...

Cute : )

Unknown said...

He looks so much like Pierce here!