Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Camping We Will Go

Okay, technically it should be A Cabining We Will Go.  But you get my drift.  We weren't brave enough to attempt a tent with 9 month old twins, a 3 year old, a diabetic cat, and a dog.  Yes, you read that right.  We brought animals (but at least the chickens and other 3 cats are at home!).  Claude came with us because he needs vaccines 2x a day to manage his diabetes, plus thyroid meds, and if he gets off schedule it's rough on the old man (he's 11).  Then Scooter, our border collie, came because he's neurotic if he isn't around Paul at all times.  So there you have it.  We have a full house in the little cabin we rented in one of Virginia's state parks.  We're in Cabin 4 and Taylor, Meredith, and Grady (my brother + fam) are in Cabin 5, next door.

It made for a really interesting drive as I navigated through downpours and thunderstorms while both twins screamed, the cat puked AND had diarrhea all over his carrier, and Scooter panted neurotically because Paul was driving separate after work.  Bygones, though, right?

Now that we're settled in, all is good.  We're staying in one of the original CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) cabins.

 It's darling and Pierce is thrilled to have his own tiny little bedroom right off the living room.

I got to enjoy a 5 mile run on trails this morning and then did some running with the twins this afternoon.  Reid has been busy trying to eat every spare piece of dirt that he can find on the floor, and Cort has been busy trying to push over Reid. 
And it's all good.  :-)

Now I'm off to download the infamous Guinness Beer Beef Stew recipe, so we can make it for dinner tonight.  I had to drive 4 miles out of the park to get internet access.


Sonya @ Under the Desert Sky said...

Wow, 3 kids and 2 animals will keep you busy while you're camping!

I have to laugh because you're "camping," but you drove 4 miles away from the park so you could get internet access! :p

Hayley said...

Now that is how you camp. Not sleeping on the ground. Hear hear.

You are going to need a vacation after your vacation with all that crazy animal drama! Poopy, pukey cats and neurotic border collies?? That would be a great post title.

Have fun!

Steve Surratt said...

I know that place! Me and ole whats-her-name were gonna stay overnight there but made it a day hike instead. I guess she's a priest now....That's a great place to run.

Andrea said...

How fun! I hope you're having a blast!!! I totally had no idea that your Claude was on so many meds, etc. Hugs to him for me. Looking forward to more pics! Have fun!