Friday, May 14, 2010

Memory Lane Friday - Those Foods I Loved

Memory Lane Friday is a chance to preserve your stories from your youth for your own family.  Today's theme is 'Those Foods I Loved'. 

My whole family knows what I'll be writing about today.  Without any hesitation either.  Lin Lin's macaroni and cheese.

It was creamy.





An underlayer of thick elbow macaroni noodles in a creamy sauce.  And a topping of slices of sharp cheddar melted on top.

We've all tried to duplicate it.  Alas, the recipe was lost.  But I'll always be thankful for the chances I had to enjoy it.  I remember at Thanksgiving dinner wishing that I didn't have to try the other dishes.  Wishing I could just use up all my stomach space on mac and cheese and not waste it on inferior dishes.  It was that good. 

Sadly, none of us ever took a picture of Lin Lin's mac and cheese, but here she is in the kitchen on Thanksgiving.

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Sonya @ Under the Desert Sky said...

That sounds GOOD!!! Yummo! Too bad the recipe is lost. But at least you remember how delicious it was.

Shannon said...

Sounds yummy!! How sad that the recipe is lost.

Mere said...

so I decided to quiz Taylor and asked him what he thought your favorite food from your childhood my surprise he guessed right!! that musta been some mac and cheese! wish i could have tried some.