Thursday, May 27, 2010

This Blog Has Been Taken Over

Muah ha ha ha ha ha ha.  Cluck.

It's about time I got my own blog.

I had a power breakfast of worms and a tick.  Then I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill.  And now I'm ready to take over the world.  Or at least this blog.

Wise men say only fools rush in.  Which is why I was biding my time on the blog takeover.  Plus, I had to find a typewriter to peck on.  Because it's impossible to write script with my blue suede shoes.

And now, for the best part.  A picture of yours truly.  For my dearest.  Baby, I'm gonna stick like glue.  Stick, because I'm stuck on you.

Baby don't be cruel.  To a heart that's true.

Well, I gotta shake, rattle and roll.  I have 9 hens to herd around you know.  They're lost without me.
Stand by me, folks.  I'll be back.


w said...

hahahahahahahah! love it!

oh my gosh. he's huge. just like his "hair". he's got to lay off on the aquanet. and maybe he needs to stop running around naked, too. spoken like a true godmother.

is he part condor?

Steve Surratt said...

Elvis Lives!

Anonymous said...

I heard Elvis was in Canada.

Andrea said...

Snort. Too funny. ;)