Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Can't Believe I Missed the Cause

I was at Hollywood Video the other night because they are closing down, and movies are 60% off.  Which makes core movies a mere $3.99 so I figured I might as well stock up.  So I'm at the checkout and the guy ringing me up is probably in his early 20s, tousled hair, glazed eyes and adament boredom.  This guy is so obviously offended by my even being present in the store that he can't waste the time to notice I exist.  The most remarkable thing, though, is his t-shirt.  Specifically it says "Zombie Response Unit" with weapons, blood stains, and the words "Locate, Decapitate, Incinerate". 
Now come on.  You see a shirt like this, you get a little intrigued, right?
So I say, "That's an interesting shirt" and he immediately perks up.
"Yeah, I bought this for Zombie Awareness Month!"
Oh?  Zombie Awareness Month, eh?  I must've missed that 5K. 
Having recently viewed the film Zombieland, on the recommendation of Hayley at Gone With the Twins, I now consider myself meagerly knowledgeable of zombies.  Plus, I frequent the site Zombierunner.com, where you can stock up on all your ultrarunning needs.  So I throw him a crumb of zombie knowledge.
"There's this website called Zombierunner.com for runners.  They have t-shirts that say Zombies are were people too."
My new zombie task force friend says, "Oh that's so cool.  I'm gonna check that out man.  During Zombie Awareness Month everyone wore gray ribbons all month".
I am just so clueless.  Here I made it through the ENTIRE month of May and didn't even NOTICE that I was surrounded by people wearing gray ribbons for the cause.  How could this happen?
According to zombieresearch.org, the gray ribbon signifies undead shadows that lurk behind our modern light of day.
Now I know, and so do you.  SO MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOLKS!  Knowledge is power, and next May we'll be wearing our gray ribbons and sporting our own "What you don't know can eat you" t-shirts.  You won't want to miss it!


jp@A Green Ridge said...

Love the Tee-shirt! I'm not fond of zombie movies so I'll stick to gardening and things that live above the ground!

Unknown said...

Roflmbo well I am apparently sorely amiss as well cause I too completely missed it..

Mere said...

I can't believe i've gone this long without knowing about this....That t-shirt looks like something John would like :-)

The Princess said...

You know what a vegetarian zombie eats right? Grrains, graaaains, must eat grains..... =p

Hayley said...

lmao the things people come up with... well, whatever keeps them passionate, I guess :)

Jessica said...

Bahaha. This is priceless. Learn something new everyday!

Grumpy old man said...

Hi, thanks for allowing me to join you on blog frog, really appreciate it.

Love your blog, and I definitely agree with you on ice cream and half a cup. Not nearly enough. I love a bowl and if I can add half a jug of chocolate sauce, so much the better.

Loved your post on your riding training, you are a very fortunate girl, I love horses, but sadly I cannot ride, not do I have to opportunity, so I guess I will have to live with it.

Have a stunning day.

Unknown said...

I thought Zombie Awareness Day was any day you came back from a really long car trip with your children.

warren said...

Maybe you didn't notice because you are in fact a zombie yourself...hmmm......