Saturday, July 3, 2010

June Fitness Recap

So how am I doing in my training for NYC? 
Last month was a good month in general.  The best part is that I made good of my goal and got to the track 5 times in June!  And trust me, it was hotter than hot some of those times but I was there anyhow, sweating it out. 
I ran one race, a half marathon, which was hot and slow if you recall.  I got through it with just a few scars from a fall ;-)
On a down note, I took an entire week off this month except for a short 3 mile track workout.  I have some excuses, related to a medical procedure I had done (everything is fine) but I don't like excuses.  Bottom line:  I could've run if I had wanted to, but I didn't---- and if I had to do all over again I'd likely make the same choice, because that was the healthy choice.  So I'm letting that go.  Month-end mileage for June was 95 miles, plus 5x weightlifting and 4x yoga.
Not bad.  I'll get there.

Paul got me these for my birthday:

These are Vibram Fivefingers.  KSOs to be specific.  One of those things I wouldn't have bought for myself, but loved to receive as a gift.  They make it seem almost as though you are running barefoot.
Because running barefoot changes your stride, you have to start with them very slowly to adjust without injury.  So I've just been doing teeny little runs with them.
I have to say, it's fun.  Like running as a kid barefoot.  You can feel the sensations of grass and gravel underneath your feet, yet it doesn't hurt.  And they are so light.
I don't think I'm the type of person who is structurally sound enough to run big races (like marathons) with these because I can be a little injury prone.  However, they will be fun to use for shorter distances.
In July I hope to continue with the track workouts, adding distance to my repeats, and pass the 100 mark for my monthly mileage.  Plus, I've signed up for 2 5Ks.  They aren't my cup of tea, but they sure make for a good speed workout!
What are your goals for July?


Tiggeriffic said...

I read somewhere that running barefoot is actually better for one.. Less stress to the feet, knees and back.. When I was in grade school and it was the last day of school my sister and I would take off our shoes and go barefoot for the rest of the summer..Only time we wore shoes is when we went to church on Sunday.. Our feet after awhile were very tough.. we could walk over the sharpest rocks without a problem. I love those new running shoes.. They would make me laugh everytime I put them on and that would be good...Have a great 4th of July week-end...

w said...

ok. i'm jealous. i want them!

also. if you have to put feet up on the blog, this is the perfect way to do it.

jp@A Green Ridge said...

They aren't exactly a fashion statement, are they??? When I first looked at them, I thought you had those "ove glove" things on your feet! But, hey, if they work for you, Baby Girl, then I'm happy for ya...:)

from: The Old One

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are really ugly.
My goal for July is the same thing it was for June because I still haven't done it.

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

Those are the strangest shoes I've ever seen! The sensation of being able to feel stuff under your feet but not have it hurt has to be quite interesting though!

My Mad World said...

Those are some strange looking shoes but I bet they are super comfortable!
Sorry to hear about your medical problems but glad everything is fine. WOW, 95 miles! That is very good!! I need some of your willpower woman!

Enjoy your 4th of July weekend!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I'm feeling a little humbled! I was so proud of my twice weekly 5-k's at the gym. That's about all I have time for!

Thanks for commenting on Single Mom in the South!

Stephanie said...

Just found you through Insanity Kim! I am not a runner, but these are way cool:)

Frogcreek said...

I am loving those shoes!

Katie's Dailies said...

I saw a guy running in these during my last half marathon back in March. I think it would take some getting used to.

As far as new goals for this month, I've started training for another half being held in our town in the fall and have a 5K in August.

Good luck with your training!

Sandy said...

I have been thinking about getting a pair of those!! Everyone I know that has them just loves them. What a great guy you have.