Monday, August 30, 2010

A Blog Swap (and a new - to me - blog)

I was reading Family of Shorts today (which is an awesome blog, to visit, click HERE) and discovered a new blog called Our Dandelion Wishes that is hosting a blog swap.  I'm excited.  The host is Mamarazzi and if you'd like to participate or find out more, just click the button:
The theme is guilty pleasures.  Of course my favorite guilty pleasure on earth? Those miniature Reese's cups.  They have to be the minis.  I can eat an entire bag in a sitting.  It's bad, those Reeses.  Pretty sure I can come up with a few other things as well.  Although I don't think you can send frozen margaritas through the mail (particularly when temps are above 90*). 


Mamarazzi said...

looking forwards to seeing what you come up with. did you know that Jelly Belly has margarita flavored jelly beans? True Story.

jennohara said...

Mmmm *drool* I could do the same thing with those reeses minis!

Andrea said...

Hmmn, sounds like a lot of fun. :) Hope you get something super sweet in exchange for whatever you send out! :>

jp@A Green Ridge said...

That sounds like great fun, Baby Girl. I'm planning a road trip in Sept so I'll luck out for this swap..:( JP

Shauna said...

I am mew here! Would love for you to come visit me too :)

Have a great day!