Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Me and the Sea

Some people need chocolate.  Others a glass of wine.  Still others, their favorite tv show.  All those things are great.  Me, though, I need the ocean.
Not every day.
Not even every month.
But at least yearly.

It all started when I was a teenager.  I was going through a rough time and one evening had an opportunity to walk on the beach solo for a couple of hours.
What happened during that walk changed my brain.
It rejuvenated things.  It filled me with clarity.  I knew the steps I needed to take - the things I needed to do - to fix some of the struggle in my life.
Since then, I've needed my yearly oceanic visit like some people need a yearly visit home.
Indeed, it is like coming home to me - even though I've never had the opportunity to live at the beach.
I don't need the sun.
I don't need the food.
I don't need the beach blankets.
What I need is just raw ocean - me and sand and water.
In fact, sometimes the ocean is infinitely better in mid-November.  Cold, angry, stormy.  I love the ocean no matter what its temperament.

It has been a year and two months since I've seen the ocean.
This is making me grumpy.
It seems like every single Facebook friend is currently posting pictures of their trips to the beach.
ARG!  Unfriend them all!
OK, not really.

Note to husband:  might be in best interest to plan mini camping trip to Eastern shore for early fall.  Cheaper and more pleasant than dealing with wife gone crazy. 


Steve Surratt said...


Elizabeth said...

Have no fear Lisa. Mattie and I did not go to the ocean either.

My Mad World said...

Have never really had the opportunity to see the ocean. Only for about 5 min on a band trip so to me that doesn't even really count.

I love going and sitting by the lakes here and just listening to the water and watching it. It is very peaceful and helps keep you centered. I can totally understand why you are getting grumpy. lol
Hoping your hubby will plan something for you soon!

Paul Workman said...

Maybe one of those ocean noise makers will help you with you're problem. Or maybe we can find a wave pool somewhere closer. Just kidding. If we do go you're not going to try bring the cat this time are you?

Leanne said...

I would have gladly let you take my place on our beach trip!

jp@A Green Ridge said...

I think that man of yours should do just that...plan a Camp Beach weekend!

warren said...

We must have ocean each year too...we always say that we may take trips elsewhere but it isn't vacation unless it is to the ocean!