Wednesday, August 11, 2010

OH LADIES!!! You say you want a man?

Paul's friend (Paul) recently asked if we wanted a rooster.  He said he had a 'wimpy' rooster with a weak crow that was getting picked on by his other rooster. 
So we said sure, we'd take him.
Paul didn't find out his name, so I've been calling him Crockett.
The ladies were very interested to meet him.

Little J.P. admired his tail feathers.

And so begins polygamy at Two Bears Farm.


Andrea said...

OMG. Not only is the title just what I needed to draw me in, that last sentence just about takes the cake. :P

My Mad World said...

lol! That is too funny! Glad he has a weak crow. Hope the ladies don't beat each other up over Crockett

Sandy said...

hahaha! :0)

Anonymous said...

Oh I love your girls! They look happy and healthy!

We have a little flock of free range chickens and guineas. They remain manless as of yet.

Stephanie Faris said...

Little J.P. has the PRETTIEST colors!

VandyJ said...

You just agve that rooster back his crow--all those ladies to strut for! And the ladies--can't you just see them preening for him!

jp@A Green Ridge said...

Polygamy! And on our road!!! But the last I heard you had four men waiting on you hand and foot???

Unknown said...

Love me some chickens! My folks raised chickens for years. 3 year old is standing by me right now trying to cluck like a chicken after seeing the pics


Hayley said...

Now you can start calling it the Two Bears Compound.

See, it's not just Utah! ;D