Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fighting, Double Time

I spend a fair amount of my days listening to fights.  Anything is fair game.
This horse was given to Pierce by my aunt Pam and uncle George.  I pulled it out for the twins and ruckus followed.

Poor Reid.  He lost this battle.  But don't feel too badly for him.
Oh no.
He can hold his own.

Just check out the red car incident, documented for your viewing pleasure: 

Note how Reid tries to make it look like he's just snuggling up to Cort, who is screaming his head off.  Reid likes to play the role of the innocent hugger.

We actually have two of these red cars, given to us by my friend Ginger, but they choose one and then fight over it.

Uh huh.  Who's having the last laugh now?


jp@A Green Ridge said...

I told you before..."the Evil Child"...there's always one in every crowd!...:)JP

Steve Surratt said...

I love that pic of Reid standing their pondering his next move. When my older son Ross had totally lost his patience with his younger sister Brienne, his trump card was the ultimate "wrastelin" move: hair pulling. Ear-splitting screams soon pierced the air.

Sonya @ Under the Desert Sky said...

Oh, boy. I have to laugh because of that second "snuggling" picture. Reid has that "What? I'm just giving my brother some love!" look on his face.

Myya said...

They are so stinkin cute! I think I would sit back & document too. No sense in trying to break it up, they will just find something else to battle over. My girls who are 22 months apart do this a million times a day I cannot even imagine how many times a day 2 the same exact age do it. Are you one of those moms that can "tune out"? I'm not... man I think if I was I wouldn't yell quite so much :)

jennohara said...

Haha!! Too cute! So funny watching kids fight...I find myself video taping it sometimes when I should be referee-ing. :)

Andrea said...

Oh, too adorable. Love their little sneaky smirking expressions when they're trying hard to put one over on the other! :P

My Mad World said...

Love the look on Reid's face in the one with the horse! lol

Oh, the old innocent hug! My brother used to try that on me!

warren said...

I keep thinking my kids will grow out of it...nope

Jeremi said...

oh yes.

your boys are so cute!!

Annesphamily said...

What cuties! HeeHee Anne