Friday, October 8, 2010

Memory Lane Friday - My Dumpster Diving Roots

Today is Memory Lane Friday. It's a weekly blog carnival where you can blog about your memories and link up. This week has no topic (next week's topic is the first on Halloween - and there will be a second Halloween theme too).
I come from a long lineage of packrats.  My grandparents have a huge hoarding of crystal, fiesta ware, cookie jars, and other excellent novelties in their house.  No matter how much I beg, I'm not allowed to use them when I visit.  I just don't understand why I can't drink my soda from crystal decanters.

My parents?  They have lots of treasured antique collections on display in multiple china cabinets; fascinating to admire, should you be wanting something to gaze upon in the room.  Tiny china salt and pepper shakers, old sewing implements, dusty faded hardback books.  Spinning wheels and fainting couches hold secrets from another era.

So you see, I can't quit deny my heritage.  It's born and bred in me to amass treasures.  Row upon row of vintage books up to the ceiling.  Just there for the reading.  Passed down costume jewelry (and some nicer jewelry), crisp yet faded black and white photos (the subjects' names long forgotten), and some fiesta ware of my own.  Believe me, our house is not big enough.

Recently, I came across this picture.  Which proves that my affliction started at an early age.

That's right.  That's me.  I am not beneath dumpster diving (and neither was my trusty companion, Butch).  After all, I already blogged about the time I was 12 and discovered an abandoned bird cage deep in an alley. 
Sadly, it seems I am passing down my legacy.  Not only to my children, but also to my husband.  A couple of weeks ago he drove the trash off to the dump, and came back with this gem:
It was missing the back wheel, but wouldn't you know, you can order replacements?  Apparently these old tractors are actually quite collectible. 
Pierce sure does like it!

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jp@A Green Ridge said...

Baby Girl, I never thought you had it in you! You know what they say, "another man's trash is someone else's treasure"...:)JP

Sonya @ Under the Desert Sky said...

Well, of course "old things" can be quite valuable - otherwise there wouldn't be antique stores! ;)

Myya said...

I love it when the hubs is the culprit sometimes :) What a great find he brought home!

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

What a great post. I love to collect too, especially where there are memories attached.

Angela said...

I think most of us are junkers to some degree! Wonder why they won't let you use it? I do use my collectibles. I've been finding old party plates for cheap. I have to buy them. Storage is becoming an issue! Yesterday I bought a old punch bowl for $1.12. I had to buy it at that price! Where oh where am I going to store it? I don't know yet. I will use it though.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

My Mad World said...

What a cute picture!!

My mom got some of the flowers for my wedding out of a dumpster! They were fake of course so they were still good and oh so pretty!!!

I agree with JP! =)