Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Our Fall Chick

Remember the clutch of eggs that Leghorn was sitting?  Well, as it turned out the blue egg is the only one that hatched.  Leghorn sat her other eggs for about a week, and then gave up on them. 

Meanwhile, our little chick is about a month old.
She seems to be doing quite well.  Leghorn has proven to be a good surrogate mother.
The chick is in that awkward phase, where some of her adult feathers are starting to come in.
She definitely takes after her mother, Natasha, who is an Ameraucana chicken.  It would be neat if she ends up laying blue eggs too (some of them also lay green eggs).
She is also skittish and shy like her mother.  Although she may also be more skittish because unlike the rest of our flock, she was raised outside of the house, so she hasn't received much handling.
Pierce has been calling her Cheep Cheep.

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My Mad World said...

She's so cute!! lol
Maybe you'll get lucky and she'll do the blue (or green) eggs too. Hey if she does the green eggs, you'll need some ham to go with that! :p

I'm sure that being raised 'wild' is part of why she is so skittish besides it also being breed into her. All my grandparents chickens were skittish like that.

Chatty Crone said...

I didn't know that they had adult feathers and baby feathers - but then I didn't think about it either - it makes sense. sandie

Anonymous said...

Oh,one baby chick,too sweet.

Dawn said...

Oh what fun!!!!
Bet your kiddos are just Lovin' this "phase of life":))))

Tiggeriffic said...

This little one is so cute.. I love it when the adult feathers start coming.. Makes them look awkward..
There is a farm down the road that has chickens and lots of kids.. The kids have trained one of their chickens to ride on the handle bars of their bike. I saw them doing this once and it looked like the chicken was having a great time.
Good Luck with Cheep Cheep... he's so cute.

Mary said...

So cute! I like how she is going through her awkward stage. We've all been there. :)

warren said...

Is that like chicken puberty?

Myya said...

Cheep Cheep, what a cute name!

Angela said...

Cheep Cheep sure is a cute little chicky! Do you think it's real mother knows that it is her baby? It's kind of like being switched at birth kind of deal! lol

Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

Cute and fun. :-)