Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving Activities

We've broken out all things Thanksgiving at our house. 
One of the books we really like is Off to Plymouth Rock.
Our copy is a board book, so it's even twin-proof.  At least so far.
I particularly like the pictures, which are very colorful and cute. 
We wanted to tie in the book with some activities this week.
Last year after Christmas I bought one of those cookie painting kits on clearance.
I kind of forgot about it in the pantry.
But turns out it hadn't expired yet, so we decided to make some Thanksgiving cookies to go with the Plymouth Rock book. 

We have 3 appropriate cookie cutters - a leaf, a turkey, and pilgrims.
Pierce really enjoyed painting them - the kit included 2 color templates that are used similar to watercolors. 

After cookies, we decided to make a little turkey craft.
Take a coffee filter and have your child draw on it with markers.
The more colors, the better it will turn out.
The fun part is that after coloring, have your child use a spray bottle to mist it with water.
This blends all the colors together.
Hang it up to dry. 

Once it's dry, use a clothes pin to make your turkey: 
Now, who wants some pilgrim cookies?

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Jeremi said...

what a cute watercolor turkey idea -- we'll have to do that over here!!

have a great thursday : )

Tiggeriffic said...

Your such a good mom...I won't be seeing Ben until next Wednesday evening, He's with his Dad. I hate divorces. We are going to do this turkey coffee filter project.. He loves painting and anything that has to do with water.
Loved the looks of the book Off to Pilgrim Land.. Have to call our library and see if they have that one.. Ben still loves his Halloween book that you sent me.. That is still one of his favorites. He loves books right now about Knuffle Bunny. I'm so thankful for your blog because you show me all the things I can so with Ben.. Ta Ta For Now from Iowa

Dawn said...

Oh what fun!!!!!
Can I bring my younger 2 over to do crafts with you??? I'm not so good at it. Well..except for turkey hands:)))
You are a super fun mom:)

Meredith said...

Love this idea and that book looks really cute! We did turkey hands a couple weeks ago, so maybe I'll try the coffee filter this weekend. thanks!

jp@A Green Ridge said...


Myya said...

That book looks awesome! I've never even seen that one before. LOVE the cookie kit & how seriously cute are those turkeys!!! :)

Charlene Juliani said...

Mmmm Cookies! Those came out cute!

Deb Chitwood said...

The book looks great - and I love your Thanksgiving ideas! We never got around to making cut-out cookies until Christmas, but what a great idea to make them in Thanksgiving shapes!