Friday, November 21, 2014

Black Beauty

I took this picture at the Butterfly Garden last month when we were at the Science Festival.  I do not know what type of butterfly it is, but perhaps one of my readers knows?
I love the ragged iridescence of the wings.
I am teaching two classes on Fridays right now.
It's the same class (Normal Life Span), but twice, back to back.
One is from 8:00 - 2:30.
The other is from 5:30 - 10:30.
After the first class, I run paperwork to the office for my other job, run home and get the boys off the bus, and then run them downtown to drop them off with Paul as soon as he gets off work before heading back for more teaching.
It is a rather long day.
It's a good thing I love teaching so much.
Readers, what are you up to today?


Out on the prairie said...

I'm doing a stress test. Told them I wasn't very stressed.

The Cranky said...

Definitely a long day, good thing you have the weekend to recuperate!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Your Fridays are crazy!!! I hope you enjoy the class you are teaching...that would make it more bearable.
My Fridays are my 'free days'; today lunch and shopping with a friend before my training session at the gym this afternoon. TGIF!

TexWisGirl said...

a unique butterfly!

your friday's do not sound like fun to me! :)

Andrea said...

How hectic. What a beautiful moment to capture and use to find some stillness and quiet, which is no doubt needed.

I miss you! I've been a bad bloggy friend - been forever since I've been by. I hope you're well in the midst of all the busy!

Sally said...

That's a wonderful photo of the butterfly, and I have no idea what it's called.

Girl - I'm not even going to say what my day will be like after hearing yours; let's just agree I'm a slug. Take care, and get some rest this weekend. xoxo

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Wow---you are one very busy lady... I'm proud of you for being able to balance so many balls all at the same time...Keep up the good work... BUT--take some time to get some rest when you can.


mail4rosey said...

I just applied for two teaching jobs at college closest to here. Hopefully I'll be in the same boat soon (cross your fingers for me). :)

Ginny Hartzler said...

Oh, I am so sorry about your hours. Even though you are young, it has to be hard. I hope you will have lots of time off on the Holidays. And you STILL manage to pick the boys up from school! I do think that it is an important thing. Thumbalina has a Black Butterfly story, the girls were fascinated with it. I have never seen one. But I did see a dark blue African one that looks like it, shredded wings and all.

Tina Fariss Barbour said...

Wow, you are busy! I bet you are tired after teaching so many hours. When I was teaching, i felt completely drained after a long class. I'm such an introvert and you have to be "on" constantly while teaching. Hope you get some good rest over the weekend. And the end of the semester is coming! :-)

Sunnybrook Farm said...

I haven't seen any of those around here. What a day Friday is for you, hope they let you sleep late tomorrow!

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh Lisa you are my hero:) Hug B

jp@A Green Ridge said...

When butterflies are touched (if ever you've done that), a powdery coating will appear on your fingers. It is from their bodies, wings. That is why Butterfly Farms teach not to touch a butterfly. This one looks like it may be a swallowtail variety which has unfortunately been nibbled on...ants dragonflies, etc. Long day for you but if you're off the rest of the week it's nice!...:)JP

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

That's a pretty butterfly. but I've never seen this one before. I guess you are TGIS instead of Friday then! Wow- that is a long day!

Anonymous said...

Lovely butterfly!
What a schedule--but if you love it, that probably makes the hours fly by.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

We think the butterfly is interesting too.
We hope you get enjoyment from all the teaching!

Linda said...

Sounds like you are really busy! I'm impressed that you still have time to blog.

DeniseinVA said...

A beautiful butterfly. That's great that you enjoy teaching so much.

Sharon Wagner said...

Good luck with your new teaching gig!

Endah Murniyati said...

This kind of butterfly often visits my garden, so beautiful

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Lisa,
Well, I am not sure what sort of butterfly this one is...
Anyway, it looks stunning.
I love Science too!
I am glad to hear you are teaching a couple of courses at the University.
What subjects do you teach, Lisa?
Your life sounds very interesting.
I used to teach when I was younger.
I taught (ESL) English as a Second Language to Foreign Learners in American Companies Overseas.
Some of my best students were Executives at Exxon Oil Co. abroad.
I truly enjoy doing it, since I love the English language with all my heart. My eldest granddaughter will attend College next year in 2015. She will study Psychology. She volunteers her work at a local Hospital in New York. She works with sick children.
Well, that is all for today, Lisa.
Have a blessed week with your boys, husband, family, beloved ones!
Hope, Peace & Love,
Poet Starry.

Vision By Mila said...

All I do these days is waiting for our baby to come greet us!

Shine Kids Crafts said...

Oh! You are a teacher? Which age of students are you teaching?

I was employed as a part-time teacher when my son was about 1 year old. I taught Grade 1-4 students. OMG! They were so naughty that I could hardly speak in the class. : P