Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dreaming of Sleep

I didn't know it at the time, but we were really lucky with Pierce because he was a good sleeper. At 3 months he was only waking up once a night, and by 4 months we did a brief stint of 'cry it out' and he started sleeping through the night.

The twins are different. They are waking up every three hours still. They were sleeping together but about two weeks ago we separated them in hopes that it would help them sleep better. It hasn't really made any difference. And they definitely don't seem ready for any sort of 'cry it out' yet. So we continue to slog through night after night of very little sleep. You know that Christmas hymn, Oh Holy Night? I have my own version where the refrain goes something like "Oh Crappy Night"...

Lucky for me, these boys are cute enough to make up for it. When my days are full of this I tend to forget all about the nights:

And now I'm sure any of the crazies who stumble across this blog will email me belligerently about a.) separating the twins and b.) doing cry it out. It's one thing that put me off blogging...the negativity and judgment of commentary that random people make on blogs. In following others' blogs, I have felt really sad for some of the terrible things readers have said. For this reason, I am screening comments before posting them. Constructive critism is fine...I just don't want nastiness on here. I have a friend that received a trashy comment before even making the blog available to her friends and family - and as a result she has closed all comments. It's tragic that people can't be more supportive of others who are laying their feelings out there.


Anonymous said...

Those Double Trouble outfits are just too cute! I am starting to feel sorry for people who DON'T have twins. Surely the sleep thing will get better someday. I'll start sending up extra prayers for that.

Anonymous said...

Ask your Dad about your uncle Chris. He cried all night long for seemed like a year, and would sleep all day. I was a junior in high school and it was hard to stay awake in classes. I don't see how you manage to do
all you do during the day