Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Born to Run

Finally, the weather was warm enough to try out my Moeben arm sleeves that I got for Christmas!  I was so excited.  Only it was too warm.  So a mile in I took them off.  And then I realized...that's exactly their purpose - to warm up and take them off if you get too hot.  :-)

I did 5 miles on the greenway, pushing the twins.  Cort promptly took off his shoes.  He wanted to air out his toes.

Sneaky Cort.  Good thing the weathershield was on.

They sure stay toasty and dry under there.

The view:

The river is really up now that the snow is melting.

Cort finally fell asleep, after grumbling about how slow I was running for a good two miles.  I WANNA GO FAST!  Ungrateful child.  I'd like to see him try to push the stroller and two roly poly babies.

On the way back, I saw a couple of interesting sights.  I had to be extra sly to get this picture.  I have a feeling that one of these days someone is going to catch me and I'm going to get a big walloping.  And I have to say that when that happens I TOTALLY DESERVE WHATEVER I GET

Okay, so check this out.  Coca Cola Betty Boop pajama pants with black leather biker jacket.  TLC Makeover PLEASE COME HELP THIS WOMAN!!

And then there was this:

I'm not going to pick on her too hard though.  I suspect she might've been out for a walk on her lunch break.  So kudos to her.  And what a nice day for it too!  But I think she might enjoy the walk more with some pants.  Or even better, some North Face.

Because of breastfeeding, I tend to get really hungry during my runs right now.  In normal life, I can go about 10 miles before needing a boost.  In breastfeeding twins life, I can go just a few.  So I decided to try a new product.  Gotta love snacking on the run!

They were pretty tasty.  Didn't upset my stomach, although so long as I'm not running too far or too fast very little does.  They kind of look like little cough drops.

But have the consistency of a fruit chew. 
Gummy on folks!  Go run!  :-)

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