Thursday, February 11, 2010

Frog Masks and Snowmen

I've been so busy preparing my week of Memes that I haven't really done a proper post this week.  So I'll do a summary of our activities.

First off, some of my favorite recipes for the past week.  This one came from A Good American Wife.  Here's a direct link to the recipe:  A Good American Wife.  She posts some gorgeous recipes and this one was awesome!  I made a few substitutions, but it's basically the same.

I made some Dots of Chocolate bundt cakes:

Hot and Sour Soup from KERF:  Kath Eats Real Food
You have to scroll a bit to get to the recipe because it is a bit of a lengthy post.  I've been following KERF forever it seems, and she always has really great food ideas.  I did my version in the crockpot and added a few ingredients.

I also made some avocado and pears for the twins.  The pears I had to actually cook in a pot until soft.

Even though I didn't add any water, they were really juicy once pureed, so I added in some rice cereal before freezing them in ice cubes.  Reid just loves pears.  They are his new favorite thing ever.  Besides milk.  And sweet potatoes.  And rice cereal. And snuggles.

Pierce and I did some crafting activities.  We picked this up in the $1 bin at A.C. Moore.  Pierce just loves frogs.

We've been snowed in....more than once.

So we made some snacks for the birds.

Pierce and I hung these up on the old Christmas tree on our front porch.  The good news is that the pumpkins are now gone.  Well, I kinda miss their moldy old blobs on the front steps.
Not really.

Scooter scored a new bed.

And Pierce and I made rice crispie treat snowmen and painted them with edible colors.

And you could've guessed that Cort has been up to some trouble, right?  Even with an ear infection, he spends his time plotting how to do very bad things. Like taking off his clothes during nap time.  This could become an issue if he's still doing this come kindergarten.

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Anonymous said...

One time I went in to get Cort from a nap and he had both arms out the neckhole of his shirt. It was down around his waist. Heaven help you when he figures out how to take his diaper off.