Friday, February 12, 2010

Memory Lane Friday!

I hope some others will join in, because this is going to be fun.  Don't be's easier to do than you think (trust me, if I can figure this out, anyone can).  Today, the assignment is to write about a memory...any memory that you want!
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Now for my posting.  My memory is from the Mill Mountain Zoo.  Located on the top of Mill Mountain, under the shadow of the famed star, is this little zoo.  It's been there since the 1950s.  Nothing was quite as exciting as a kid as a trip to the zoo.  Even this tiny little zoo. 
Hey Mom, what happened to my pants in this picture?  It looks like you forgot to finish getting me dressed.  This picture is from (gulp) 1977.  Note the little horse figure in my hand.  I was born wanting to ride horses. 

The entrance to Mill Mountain children's zoo used to be this boot you walked through. It felt absolutely magical paying at the window and walking through the tunnel.  Like going into a new land full of mystery.  I was so sad when I returned to the zoo as an adult only to find that the boot was gone.  BRING BACK THE BOOT!

  This picture is from 1978.  Must've been a blustery day, I was geared up in raingear in this picture.  AT LEAST I WASN'T JUST IN A DIAPER. 
Last picture is from 1979.  What I wouldn't give to have those golden curls back.
We just paid for a family membership at the zoo.  I can't wait to take the boys when the weather warms up.  I hope it'll bring them as much happiness as it did me.
Okay, now for next week's assignment.  Break out the scanners!  Next Friday will be a memory of the family pet.  Or pets.  Or if you didn't have a pet, a memory of how mean your parents were.  Oh come on, at least you must've had some Sea Monkeys at one time. 


Unknown said...

Wow - I can really see Pierce in you in this pictures, especially the last one! What a cool zoo!

Anonymous said...

Loved all our zoo visits.
The goats kept trying to eat your pants and you were screaming, so we took them off. Since I used cloth diapers, you were wearing plastic pants over, which goats evidently do not find interesting.
You love walking through the shoe and riding the train, monkeys, parrots, and prairie dogs. What wonderful memories. Love thinking your boys will grow up with the same. :-)

Steve Surratt said...

I say bring back the Shark! There used to be a giant shark with its mouth open and you'd walk into it. It was cement and plastic of course...

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Steve, I don't remember the shark at all. How long has it been gone?

Steve Surratt said...

I'm having to double-post on here for some reason so if you see two answers then that's the reason.

The shark was gone long before 1977. I'm a wee bit older than you ya know...