Friday, April 23, 2010

Memory Lane Friday - A Family Heirloom

I have a lot of things to choose from.  We're a sentimental family that believes in handing things down.  I have furniture, clothes, jewelry, pictures, quilts and more.  So it was hard to choose an item.  Eventually, I decided to write about one item from each side of the family. 

From my Dad's side of the family, I chose a heart shaped diamond necklace.  Not because it is diamonds.  Or even because it is jewelry (I rarely wear jewelry other than my wedding rings and plain small hoop earrings).  The reason I love it is because Lin Lin and Chief (my grandparents) came up to visit when we were living in Manassas, just before my junior prom, to give this to me in person.  This was a piece of jewelry that Chief had given to Lin Lin years before as a gift.  And they wanted to pass it on to me so I'd have something to wear at the prom.  And I've worn it since, in weddings and a few other formal events here and there.  So here's a pic of me with the necklace, at sweet 16, just before prom:
I love how simple and understated this necklace is, for being diamonds. 
And go ahead and say it.  You know you're just wicked jealous over my huge POOFY peach sleeves.

From my Mom's side of the family, I chose something that is special simply because I admired it so much as a child.  When my great grandmother, Granny Besse, passed a few years ago, I was asked if there was anything particular I wanted.  I said, yes!  I wanted the bee sugar bowl that sat on the kitchen table by the window.  I loved to look at it when I sat at the table.  At first, I was disappointed because it couldn't be located.  But finally it was found.  The spoon/stinger is missing, and the wings have been glued back together, but I don't mind a bit.  I love it exactly as is, because it brings back warm memories of Granny Besse and her kitchen.

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Mary said...

Those are great heirlooms! Very special. You are really lucky to have a family that likes to pass things on. Now who will you give the necklace to since you have all boys? :)

I love your prom dress by the way. Right on.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Mary, hopefully one day I'll have a niece to pass the girly things on to :-)

Sonya @ Under the Desert Sky said...

What wonderful heirlooms!

Shannon said...

I love the stories that go along with your treasures, va. Also, nice sleeves. Mine were less peach, more puff. LOL.

Unknown said...

I love simple jewelry too! I wore a beautiful necklace of my mom's for my wedding, that was her mom's - or maybe her grandmother's - I can't remember. Either way, it was simple and elegant. How very nice that you have had that beautiful piece to wear.

Hayley said...

Those are some pretty cool heirlooms. I have a sentimental family that believes in... hoarding things. So nothing really gets handed down. At least, nothing good.