Saturday, May 8, 2010

And You Thought I was Strange Before

Get your mouse ready to click the unfollow button, because once you read this you'll likely shudder and put me right in the freak category. 

We don't have a tv.

That's right.

No tv.

Did you lose all respect for me?

Okay, well technically we have a tv.  It just doesn't get any channels.  We used to have satellite (the only option where we live).  So we shelled out $50+ bucks each month to sit happily snacking and zoning out on things like Survivor and Work Out and the Amazing Race.  I loved those reality tv shows.  But then Pierce came along.  And I didn't want him to grow up with parents kicked back in front of the tv all the time.  And I didn't want him stressing over stuff he saw on the news, or growing desensitized to violence (yes, it does happen).  Plus, I'd read this online study that showed a high correlation between the amount of time spent watching tv and autism, particularly in boys.  And the study kind of made sense to me when I really thought about it.  Not that I think tv causes autism at all.  But just that high doses of it could, quite possibly, turn on what was already there, lying dormant.

At any rate, I'm not opposed to tv in moderation.  Goodness knows I'm happy for my daily break while Pierce watches a show.  It's just that it's such a temptation to watch more.  And I'm weak.  So if we don't have one, we aren't able to be sucked into plopping in front of it and wasting the day away. 

The tricky part was convincing Paul to get on board.  He didn't like it.  Not one bit.  He agreed, however, to try it for 6 months as my wedding anniversary gift 3 years ago.  He actually still complains about it sometimes, but I think he is mostly adjusted.  However, he definitely categorizes the whole notion as 'not normal' and he generally doesn't like it.  I have to say he's right; it's certainly not normal.  I don't miss it, though, not for a second.

So anyhow, with our old school tv we can watch dvds or VHS tapes.  And each afternoon Pierce is allowed to watch one show.  We have a wide variety, but right now he is 100% Diego.  It's all we hear about, really.  Diego doesn't really teach you how to write or how to read.  It's not one of those highly educational shows.  Yet I've found that Diego really supports our family philosophy.  Think about it.  Diego is always adventuring outdoors, convening with nature.  He loves to be active - he's a good runner!  He enjoys learning about animals in their natural habitats and helping out when he can.  He can use a map.  He is kind to his family - he and Alicia are always hanging out together and I've never seen them fighting and slamming each other into the ground over a toy.  Plus, although Diego doesn't talk about it very often, I have a rather strong feeling he supports legislation that supports the environment ;-)  And I really like that Pierce now knows more Spanish than I do (blush). 

Typical Pierce:  sporting one of his cherished Diego shirts and taking pics with his Diego camera:

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Anonymous said...

Hey Lis,
My friend Sandy from the Ravelry board did a donation for you but didn't leave a comment. Could you put her name in the pot and if she wins, I will see that she gets the prize.
Tell Diego "hola" from Aliciacat.

My Mad World said...

Sometimes I really wish we didn't have a TV! I know my husband wouldn't go for it and I do think I might miss it a little bit too. lol I have been making Maddie watch more PBS though when we are watching or I have her watch Animal Planet. So tired of all the goofy shows that don't teach!
Way to go on the no TV!
Oh, Happy early Mother's Day!

Mama Goose said...

Before my son was born we canceled cable, mainly because we felt like we spent too much mindless time just watching tv. Sadly, we spent as much time still watching tv, just on hulu!

Then college basketball started and we couldn't stand it any more. How to know you live in North Carolina ...

Hayley said...

ah hell, my hubby would NEVER give up the DirecTV! I don't think you're weird, I think you're smart. And a way more dedicated mom than me!

I remember growing up and hardly ever watching TV except for the Sat morning cartoons. We were always outside, rain or shine. It's how I want my kids to grow up, but... Mommy has to go out with them, and there's the problem! lol my mom never came outside with us, but she didn't have to... our town was tiny and safe back then. not so much now :(

Maybe I should just buy a ton of acreage in the East?! ;P Happy Momma's Day tomorrow!

Shannon said...

Haha, my DH still gripes about growing up with "peasant vision" (rabbit ears only) and how deprived he was. Good luck with the upcoming school years!

Andrea said...

Shut up! No TV? No way! It's OK, I still like you! We love Diego here, too. ;)

Mamí♥Picture said...

Hola Lis!
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Jaime Leigh said...

Really enjoying your blog!!!!