Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Pre-First Blog Award

Turns out I had a blog award before the Versatile Blogger award and didn't even know it!  And the sad part is, I actually read the post about it but just didn't register my name on there.  Mombrain strikes again!  Anyhow, special thanks to Mary from The Englar Fam for this award!  Mary and I met through a fun blog exchange, and she's a very positive person so check her out.

Rules are simple.  Write about 10 things you love, then pass on the award to 10 people.

Ten things I love in no particular order:
1.  The high after finishing a marathon.  Mental heaven, let me tell you.  Otherwise, no one would do it.
2.  Snuggles from my boys.  They each have their distinct personalities, and show love in their own ways, but all 3 of them know how to give a sweet snuggle.
3.  Lost.  I've only seen through the end of season 5, SO DON'T SPOIL IT FOR ME!  Once the last season comes out on dvd, I'm really looking forward to watching an episode per night w/ Paul after the boys are in bed.
4.  Our cabin.  Even though it's always filthy and I never want to devote time to cleaning have enough time to clean.
5.  Books.  Libraries.  All things dealing with books.  My 'Got Books?' shirt.
6.  The beach.  I love the ocean.  Not the crowded beach, but when it's just me and the ocean. Love, love, love it!
7.  Mornings where I wake up having slept really hard.  It just feels great to get a really deep sleep in.
8.  My family.  They rock.  'Nuff said.
9.  Roasted veggies.  It doesn't matter which ones.  Asparagus, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, broccoli, carrots, onions, squash, zucchini, turnips, kale, eggplant - drizzled in olive oil and roasted at 400* for 20 minutes.  Can't get enough!
10.  Just one more?  I have lists and lists in my head of things I love.  I guess it would be those nights where we have a family dinner and then get enticed outside by balmy weather to take a walk up the mountain.  The boys have so much fun and I enjoy the extra quality time with Paul.  Evenings like that leave me so content with life.

Okay, 10 blogs I love in no particular order (once again, hard to pick just one, and I guess there is going to be some repetition here):
1.  Wendiwinn at Wendiwinn - She Likes Stuff.  She's hilarious!  And is Elvis's godmother.
2.  Hayley at Gone with the Twins.  She was my first follower and I just adore her sarcastic sense of humor.  Plus, she takes the most amazing pictures.
3.  Andrea at Good Girl Gone Redneck.  We met in a blog exchange and share our love of books and donations of hair.
4.  Dory at The Labay Family.  She has the cutest boy/girl twins and she makes some of the coolest cookies I have ever seen on her cookie blog.
5.  Warren at My Home Among the Hills.  Pretty sure he doesn't do the whole blog award thing.  But I'm still nominating him because I've been reading his blog for years now, and he always comes up with the coolest, most unusual ideas.  Plus, he has an amusing style of writing and a bell licking habit.
6.  Paige at Foreigners Among Us.  She doesn't follow my blog, but I enjoy reading hers, mostly because of the crisp, funny, light descriptions she does of her kids.  And awesome pictures.  And, sometimes, a deep dose of reality.  It's a capturing combination.
7.  Meredith at Frogs, Snails, and Hokie Bird Tails.  She's my sister in law and I love keeping up with her, my brother, and my adorable nephew.  She's fairly new to blogging, so go say hi!
8.  Stephanie at Ordinary Life Magic.  I doubt she does blog awards either.  But I love her blog.  She has this way with words and pictures and kids and crafts .... well, go check her out and you'll see exactly what I mean.
9.  MamaK at Frog Creek.  She and her kids are always finding adventures and fun.
10.  Helene at I'm Living Proof that God has a sense of humor.  She has 2 sets of twins and lives to tell about it - in a funny bone tickling way.

Go pay these 10 a visit and tell'em I sent you!


Mary said...

Love it! :)

Hayley said...

Thanks, Lisa! I so need to update. We've had a lot going on. And, I might just be a bit lazy.

warren said...

Hey, thanks a ton! I am more than a little behind in reading and writing, but I so appreciate your honoring me!

Labay Family said...

I can't believe I missed this! Thanks for the blog shout-out! Blog awards is something new to me but I'll see what I can do about passing it on!