Saturday, May 29, 2010

Seriously Folks, I was ONLY Joking!

Statement from Thursday's blog post:  I love animals and I'm a total sucker softie for strays. I've been behaving for a while now on pet adoptions, but if a kitten showed up on my doorstep I'd take it in. I wouldn't be able to resist. Now, who wants my address?

And then, Thursday night, look who showed up on our doorstep.  GAHHHHHH!  Look at that sweet face!

Sweet, timid, shy, loving.  Covered in ticks.  Poor baby.

So okay, you've had your fun.  Now come get your dog. 
And hurry.
Pierce has been calling her "Little Dog".
And we're definitely not in the market for another dog.


Mary said...

My mom loves that breed! If you lived closer to her I'm sure she would take it if the owner didn't show. Poor thing

Andrea said...

Ohhhh! What a cutie!!! Oh, poor baby. Is she OK? I wouldn't be able to let that baby leave us. ;) Unless I found her actual mama.

Hayley said...

she's so sweet and sad :( I'd take her if I could. Good luck finding the owner... or a new one.

Sonya @ Under the Desert Sky said...

Awwww, how cute. That's a Boston Terrier, right? I wish I could take it (assuming the owner doesn't claim him/her). But alas, we're too far away.

Anonymous said...

Did someone claim her? What happened to her?

Vision By Mila said...

OH! I hope she is safe now in a home!