Monday, June 14, 2010

Olive Garden comes to Muffin Tin Monday

Olive Garden to go that is.  Pierce got a little bit of everyone's.  Breadsticks, olives (from home, but the kid loves olives - seriously, they were the bribe we used for potty training!), water, salad, parmesan encrusted tilapia and fettucine alfredo.
This tin makes up for lack of creativity with it's "YUM"-factor.

Want to do Muffin Tin Monday?
Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

Now, how about some fun with chickens?

This is Natasha.

This cuddly picture is deceiving.  It took great stealth on my part to chicken-wrangle her up for a picture.  She's actually quite villanous.  Hence the name.

She picks on Elvis, and she puffs up her neck feathers to do so.
She has a kind of chicken-hawk look to her.
Scary, huh?!

On a side note, Elvis alarmed the Terminex man, who came to pretend-to-kill-stinkbugs on Wednesday.  He banged on the door and told my mom to "Come out quick and tell me what this SKUNK-BIRD is!"  He said he'd walked around him/her 3 times and couldn't find a face.
Don't you know an Elvis when you see one?

On a side note, next week I'll be taking a hiatis from Muffin Tin Monday.  Blasphemy, you say?!  I know, I know, but, something came up....prom! 
The Mommyologist is hosting a prom...basically an excuse for moms everywhere to put on a dress for a picture that makes them feel good.
Click HERE to read about it.
Sounds fun, huh?


Mere said...

mmm olive garden...wish we had one in c-ville

sadly, I dont think i fit into any of my fancy dresses right now, so i doubt i'd be able to participate *sigh*

My Mad World said...

Looks like a yummy MTM!!

Natasha does look like a little villan in the pic with Elvis. Poor Elvis, maybe one day he'll beck her back!

Have fun next week!

The Princess said...

olive garden is so yummy. makes a great tin too =) Mom Prom sounds really cool. Skunk-Bird? That's different, poor Elvis.

Andrea said...

Happy MTM, mama! Love the noodles, yummmmm-O!

Mary said...

Mmmm that looks so good. I love Olive Garden! Not sure if you guys have Macaroni Grill by you but that's a favorite of mine too. :)

I'm hungry now...

Rachel said...

Ohh Yum Olive Garden!! Love your new layout...I have been in hiding lately and haven't been out much looks great!

Mary said...

I think I will definitely participate in that blog hop! Thanks for letting me know. I will be on the look out for your post tomorrow. :)

And yeah Mac Grill bread is AMAZING. I like playing tic tac toe on the paper tablecloth. Ha

Unknown said...

JDaniel loves olives too. Have fun at the prom!

Mommyof2girlz/StephD said...

Super yummy tin, love Olive Garden! Love the comment about Elvis from the Terminex

~LKB said...

Yummy tin! It makes me wish I had an Olive Garden less 50 miles from me. We only go there once a year on our Christmas shopping trip. Have fun at the prom! :D

The Activity Mom said...

Great tin! I'd have a hard time sharing those olive garden things! =)

Kelly said...

Muffin tin take-out, fabulous! Too funny about the olives. I have olive fans too. I guees Natasha knows girls rule!

w said...

this is scary. because i was *this* close (you can't see me but i'm doing the finger thumb squish thing) to putting our olive garden leftovers in a tin today. but then i got hit with busy.

skunk bird! um, rude! my poor elvis. natasha, mean man. he can't get a break!

w said...

i just read the mom prom thing. um. my own tiara. ok. this is way tempting...

Shannon said...

We love Olive Garden here!!!

Yummy breadsticks, my kiddos also love the minestrone!