Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Don't Hold Your Breath"

So back in May this year, four teenagers in NY were driving and decided to have a contest.  They were trying to hold their breath until they passed Garbutt.
Unfortunately, the driver - 19 year old Bryan Parslow, passed out.  I'm not sure how you could hold your breath so long you passed out.  I guess I'm just too wimpy to pull that one off.  Anyhow, when Bryan passed out the car ran off the road and into a tree and boulder.
Fortunately, although all four teens were injured, their injuries were mild.  And they are all breathing again.

What's funny about this story is that as stupid as it sounds, we used to always do the "holding your breath" game on road trips.  My Dad would be all, "I'm going to hold my breath until we get to South Carolina!" 
Oh, and one of our favorites?
Holding our breath through the West Virginia turnpike tunnel:

I could never hold my breath that long, but my Dad always could.
And, fortunately for us, he never passed out either!


Mindy said...

Whenever we passed through the tunnels in Seattle as a kid, my dad would challenge us to hold our breath. It wasn't that long, but felt like forever! If we held our breath, we often got ice cream (well, everyone got it anyway). Thanks for the great memory!

My Mad World said...

That's pretty sad about the car of kids but glad no one was seriously injured.

We used to do the holding your breath thing but it was over a bridge and here we don't have very many that are that long. lol Yeah I could never hold my breath long enough to pass out but I didn't really try that hard to do it either. =) Enjoy your weekend!

Mere said...

I used to do that every time we drove past a cemetry. Also on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel...It really sucked when there was traffic :-P

Mary said...

We did that going under tunnels and by cemetries (don't think I spelled that right). Glad to hear those kids are ok!

Cheryl Lage said...

OMIGOSH! I wouldn't think you'd be able to hold your breath without reflexively taking a breath before you passed out! Holy smokes.

We used to (as passengers!) lift our feet and hold our breath passing cemetaries on road trips.

Funny memories!