Friday, August 13, 2010

Memory Lane Friday - Pictures Tell a Story

It's Memory Lane Friday, your chance to blog about your memories to save them for your family. Today, the topic is 'Pictures that tell a story'.

So today I'm going to discuss my brother, Taylor, who doesn't read my blog so surely he won't care. ;-)
See, I'm worried about Taylor.
The thing is, he is a total cat lover.
His very existence is all about cats.

There was a time when he wouldn't even think of driving his crane without taking a cat along for the ride.

A time when a trip out to the barn to check the tobacco and use the rope swing wouldn't even be considered without a cat in hand.

A time when you didn't plow without a cat in your lap.

A time when cats were toted like hand bags.  You just didn't leave home without one.

 This particular cat hold not recommended.  Carry your cats kindly folks.
Sadly, Taylor has forgotten his cat-loving roots.  He has been without a furry friend now for many, many years.  I'm thinking about giving the SPCA his home number.  Someone's gotta help the guy out.  Please offer suggestions for how to help my brother reclaim his inner cat lover in the comments.  He needs an intervention pronto!!

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Next week's topic is "Bad Hair Day".  That should be a fun one!


Anonymous said...

Very few things could make me laugh so hard at 4:00 in the morning. What great memories from the old farm. Dad

Anonymous said...

I am dying here. Do you think people will have to know Ta to totally crack up at this?

Mere said...

HAHA! I don't think there is any hope. I've been trying to convince him to get a furry companion for years! Once Grady starts talking, I think we can break him :-)

Mere said...

ps...I'll make sure he reads the blog today

My Mad World said...

Great post Lisa and great pictures!! That is just too funny!!

OH, just thought I would let you know that My Mad World is gone for a bit. Not sure what happened. Got flagged for spam even though I'm not spam! Put in a review and appeal on it.

Unknown said...

Maybe he just needs to look back at these pictures! Have a great weekend!

Andrea said...

Oh my! What cute cubs you have! And how sweet is that to carry a cat everywhere!

Unplanned Cooking said...

I love, love, love those pictures! Such a sweet story. Makes me want to scan in some old photos.

Sonya @ Under the Desert Sky said...

Hahahaha! I love that your brother was so adoring of cats when he was little! Too cute!!

Oh, and no problems with this linky so far.

Natalie said...

Love it...really funny!! So glad you found my blog!! Look forward to getting to know you better :)

Ahava & Amara Life Foundation said...

Wow, he was really into cats. How can he not still be? Cute pics!

Visiting from the Mom Loop.

Eliz Frank said...

What a beautiful blog and a heart warming story about your brother. I take it life got hectic and out went the time spent with cats? The ASPCA will happily help him provide a home for a stray cat or two...
Stopped by from the Mom Loop Comment Follow Day. I am also following you. Please follow back.