Sunday, November 14, 2010

Are Your Twins Grumpy? I Found the Secret to Twin Toddler Happiness.

Is it because of Daylight Savings Time?  Are they teething?  I don't know, but the twins have been pretty grumpy this week.  Maybe they're still holding a grudge over my trip to NYC.  At any rate, I found a new solution.  It doesn't even cost any money.  And it hasn't been recalled.  Yet.

First, bribe your twins with animal crackers.
Place twins side by side on an old sleeping bag.

Then drag your twins all over the house on sleeping bag.
Continue dragging twins until your legs give out or bedtime arrives.  Whichever happens first.
Instant happiness. 

But hey, if that fails, I have more tricks up my sleeve.
There's always the jogging stroller... 


Tiggeriffic said...

Silly....but it works.. This is one way to keep you legs strengthened. I wish I had a big stroller for me and someone could push me around.. yeah I know there are wheelchairs but nothing like a stroller to lean back in and watch the view from there.
I have been having lots of trouble with this new time change.. I don't like it getting dark at 5;30 ..It gets dark and I get very tired..
Last day of Family Life~ week=end to remember. It's been Fri. evening all day Sat and it's going to be until 12:30 today. It's been good and lots of information for Dave and I to think about and hopefully he will put into practice.. I already have done a few things.
Have a great day..ta ta for now...

Dawn said...

Hahhhahhahahha(gasp)! Hahaa..too funny!!!
You need to market these ideas....WITH photos:))))
What a brilliant mom;))

Unknown said...

Ah, Lisa! I wish I'd known about the sleeping bag trick this time 4 years ago!!!!



Chatty Crone said...

My sister has twins - they will be one year old in December - I am going to share this with her! Great ideas. sandie

Mary said...

That's hilarious! I would even have fun doing that :) You are so creative.

Angela said...

Cute! I remember doing that with my daughter. The pulling around on a blanket that is! I also tied a rope to a rectangle laundry basket and pulled her around in that too.

Isn't it funny how the simplest things will entertain our kids better than an expensive toy!

Have a Great Day!

Myya said...

That last picture is about the most adorable thing ever! My kids love the dragging around on blanket thing too... we also push in laundry baskets as well :)

jp@A Green Ridge said...

Well, I see the old tricks still work...only I used a blanket & the good old every time!!...:)JP

My Mad World said...

That's a great trick! Sounds like a lot of fun. Well if you're the twins! lol

Sorry I've been slacking about coming by =(