Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Holiday Wish List

Every year Paul asks me what I want for Christmas.  I learned long ago that he needs a list.  A very specific list.  Otherwise I end up with very unlikeable random gifts.  Like the year I got a Chia Pet for Christmas.  Or a really ugly unusual brown and green flannel shirt.
And there was also the year I got long underwear.  Not technical long underwear (which might've been cool for hiking) but old timey long underwear.
Okay, so the long underwear was kind of comfy.

So for the benefit of Paul (and any other relatives passing through who might be looking for gift ideas) here are a few things I'd like.

1.  A new blender.  If you win the lottery, I'd like a Vitamix.  Otherwise, I'd settle for a Betty Crocker or similar cheap brand, just like the one I had before the 11 month old Cort broke the thing.  That's right.  He broke the virtually indestructable glass pitcher of our blender.  And now I can't make protein shakes anymore.  It's been a real bummer.
2.  Hammer Tissue Rejuvenator.  For running purposes.  Link HERE.
3.  A pair of small hoop sterling silver earrings.  Just like this one (originally from Target), whose mate I lost:

4.  Balega running socks, women's, size medium.  The ones that come just over the ankle.  Because there is a little gremlin in our dryer that keeps stealing my running socks.
5.  A Power Balance Bracelet.  The celebrity athletes all wear them!  Okay, so logically I understand these probably do nothing.  That those athletes get paid to wear the bracelet.  That it's likely $30 down the drain.  I still have my curiosity though...LINK.  It couldn't hurt my running...Size small, black.
6.  English Toffee.  This request is specifically targeted towards my Mom, who probably doesn't want to make it, but she makes THE BEST English toffee in the world. 
7. Everest - Beyond the Limits, Season 1 and/or 2.  I've never seen this show, but my brother Taylor, who never fails me in movie recommendations, says I'd like it.  If he says it, then it must be true.
8.  A new pair of L.L. Bean slippers, size 8.  WARNING - UGLY MARATHON TOES AHEAD!  Seriously, I'm so embarassed to post this picture. 
But you can see why I might be needing a new pair:

9.  Gift cards.  Yup, I love them.  Particularly those for drive thrus, because I hate getting out of the car with 3 kids in carseats.  So Starbucks or Chick Fil A are the best - my favorite drive thrus!   For clothes I love NY and Company or REI.
10.  A macro lens for our Canon Rebel.  I'd like to be able to take super close up pictures of things like my black marathon toes.  Okay, not really.  I'd love to use it to take food pictures, flower pictures, and more.  It's out of our price range this year, but just in case there is an anonymous benefactor out there who wants to adopt a blogger for the holidays, there ya go ;-)

What's on your wish list this year? 
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Chicken Wrangler said...

You have quite the list going there - and I'm sure you'll get almost all of them if you've been GOOD this year! LOL! But definitely, cover those marathon toes!!! **hugs**

Andrea said...

What a fun list, and thanks for the warning, although I wasn't sure I would have known they were actually toes. I hate feet, so I skimmed quickly!

Tiggeriffic said...

You got me thinking about what I would like for Christmas and I think I'll blog about it in a few days after I give it a time to really think about what I would want..
You mentioned sometime about making your own vanilla.. Where do you get your vanilla beans? My grocery store had this little tiny strip of vanilla for $7.50...in a jar.
How much Vodka and how mamy vanilla beans do you use to make vanilla..
ta ta for now from Iowa.. 13 degrees and Sunny.

turnerlifearound said...

save your money on the power balance band!! really just a hype- you could wear a cool rubber band and it would do the same thing...I'm moving down to roanoke after i run the Disney marathon in January...would love to get together to run sometime!

laughwithusblog said...

You know, I don't think a list would help my husband. We've pretty much just quit buying each other gifts. Is that unromantic?

Anonymous said...

I have started buying my own gifts. The electric toothbrush for my first Mother's Day was a deal breaker for me.

Myya said...

Great list. I don't really get Christmas presents. Every once in a while Sammer & I will exchange but most of the time nope. Boooo! :( I am totally with you on the drive thru gift cards. I have stopped going to many a favorite spots because taking in & out 3 kids is so not fun!

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

Oh my - long underwear and a chia pet? Yikes! The worst Chris has done was when he bought me a pair of jeans that were too small (big no-no) and when he bought me the Shrek II soundtrack. Oi. We go with lists now, too!

Chatty Crone said...

Have you been good this year? Are you on his list? Bet you are! teehee Nice list.

My Mad World said...

Great list! Now I have to call my dad and ask for some of his toffee this year! Thanks for reminding me! He makes the best toffee!!

OK, if money was not an option... I want a Kindle, a SLR camera, new jeans, some diamond earrings since I lost one of my only pair I ever got :( oh and a new external hard drive, the other one is full already! lol

Angela said...

A Chia Pet!?! Ugg! Even I wouldn't do that to some poor unsuspecting person! I totally understand why you have to do a list! lol I do hope someone gets you a new pair of slippers! hehehe If they don't you can use some duck tape to close that hole up! lol

Have a Great Day!