Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wreaking Havoc in West Virginia

That's right folks.  We crossed the border again.  We took the boys to visit their Great Grandparents.

We hadn't seen them since last summer, so it was overdue. 
They were kind enough to get out this football full of toys like matchbox cars and such that used to belong to my cousin Kyle.
However, since Pierce monopolized the football, Cort and Reid were left to their own devices. 

Puppetry of humongous stuffed dogs can only entertain for so long before little boys go looking for more action.  Grandad did try his best though.

So the twins were off.  Over the course of two hours they:
  • Knocked down all the pictures that were so nicely posed along side tables throughout the house.
  • Had a huge fight over the stereo buttons which resulted in much grand screaming and shoving.
  • Crawled behind the couches and found mysterious items that hadn't seen daylight in over 40 years.
  • Worked in tandem to attempt to break down the back screen door.
  • Dumped an entire plate full of soup all over the floor.
  • Every single time I turned my back, they headed into the dining room for the floor to (almost) ceiling china cabinets.  Which are stock full of Cape Cod Imperial china.  China that is looked at but not touched.  A huge collection, which the twins thought was just designed for them.  The doors on the cabinets open quite easily, and I was pulling out my hair trying to keep them out of it!  Little cups and saucers and salt dishes were suddenly appearing in random places around the house as the twins snuck a piece and carried it around whenever they could.  Fortunately, we left before they broke anything.
Somehow, everyone survived the visit, and I'm glad the boys got to spend some time snuggling with their fabulous Granny Anne and Grandad. 

Family is so incredibly important to me.
Also, I'm pretty thankful for baby proofing devices.


jp@A Green Ridge said...

I'll bet they're pooped...and I'm not talking about the boys either!...:)JP

Steve Surratt said...

Ha ha, so funny. Mobile wrecking crew, works for cookies. Hum, won't be long and I'll have to make sure my place is safe for Annabelle.

TexWisGirl said...

Ha ha! Loved Steve's comment above. I'd worry about falling asleep on the drive home - you and your hubby, that is!

Angela said...

Aw, the joys of taking the kids to visit family. I for one just didn't do it because it was too much work. It is easier for them to come and visit the kids at our house. I'm sure that's not the case for your family though.

What part of West Virginia were you at?

Have a Great Week!

Nancy said...

Somehow I bet if you dropped them off for a few hours by themselves with the grands, they would have been complete angels. At least, that's what I was always told afterwards. Either someone is fibbing or... :)

Dawn said...

hahaha...oh phew!!! What excitement:))

(I had to absolutely laugh hysterically when you wrote and told me about the running video you bought and hoping you don't fall off when you jump;) Let me know how that goes:))))

Unknown said...

I have to move things around as soon as I get to my mother in-law. There are breakables everywhere.

I looks like you had a great time.

My Mad World said...

Nothing like a visit to the great grandparents to make everything 'exciting'! So glad the China and everything made it through alright. I am sure your grandparents were very thankful for the visit.

Unknown said...

Your little ones sound like my twin grandsons! Without fail I seem to visit when they're eating yogurt. Yogurt is wonderful for launching across the room at "Nana". I've learned how to weave and bob like nobody's business!

I just wanted to pop in and say "thank you" for visiting my blog and being kind enough to comment. I've enjoyed reading your blog as well and learn forward to reading future updates.

Myya said...

Oh my goodness! I know those kind of visits, the ones that have your heart racing the entire time, you are in a permanent sweaty state & you feel much relief just to not have to be on the lookout for what is next to be touched. Glad you survived & had a great time at that! :)