Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dear Trader Joes, A Love Letter

Dear Trader Joes,

I've become increasingly restless with our long distance relationship.  Three hours each way is too far for me to have to travel each time I want to see you.  I'm not saying you're not worth the drive, and the gas, but my life just won't feel complete until you move closer.

I know that you have many other admirers.  I know that other cities need you too.  But here in Roanoke, we need you more.  If you came to Roanoke, enthusiasts from all over southwestern Virginia would drive in to shop with you.  There's already a facebook fan page called "Bring Trader Joes to Roanoke".  You would be so well received. 

Some days, I can barely make it through the day, because I am overcome with cravings.  Oh mango mochi balls, peanut butter filled chocolate pretzels, garlic fries, European mocha yogurt, sparkling wine and balsalmic roasted veggies.  Where are you in my time of need?  A 3 hour drive each way, that's where!  And now, here we are close to the holidays, and my shelves are empty of peppermint joe joes.  What's a girl to do?  How will I survive?

Oh, Joe (you don't mind if I call you Joe, do you?), please move to Roanoke.  I realize that other cities may be more glamorous than us.  But we're really friendly down here.  We have that whole southern hospitality thing going on.  And you'll never grow tired of the beauty of our blue mountains.  Joe, if you come to Roanoke, I pledge to review one product a week on my blog for an entire year!  That's how much I love you.  Won't you consider it?  Pretty please?

Forever Yours,
And Shriveling Away Without Your Hummus,


Myya said...

Ours is over an hour away each direction, BUT guess what.... we are getting on REALLY soon!!! THey just approved it to move to the city that I travel to at least once a week. Only about 20 minutes from my house. YIPPPPEEE!!!! I am totally not rubbing it it, if you have a MAJOR craving I could always help a sista out & mail it. :)

Angela said...

I've never heard of Trader Joes! You make me want to make a plea for him to come down to the Charleston, West Virginia area though!

Hope Joe comes to Roanoke but will your husband be jealous? Just saying....

Have a Great Day!

Meredith said...

There are NO Trader Joe's in Texas, but if we move to South Carolina next should be close! looking forward to my first visit!

Dawn said...

Oh hilarious.
Okay...I have No idea who this Joe place is....but I want one too.
Can I sign the letter?;)

jp@A Green Ridge said...

Boy, I'm in agreement with you on this one, Baby Girl! When I go "home" to CT, I hit the one near where my daughter works, as they are far & few. I wonder if we COULD get one here??...:)JP

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

Oh boy, do I miss them! I hope they move to Roanake soon! I'm guessing you guys have a better chance than we do!

Chatty Crone said...

I didn't know you lived in Roanoke - one of my very dearest friends lives there. Small world. Hope Joe comes in soon. sandie

admin said...

I love Trader Joe's! I rarely shop there these days though. Like your blog! Following from Mom Loop Friday. Feel free to follow back on Blog Frog!